Tim Brewer

CEO & Co-Founder at Functionally

Today Tim is Co-Founder and CEO of Functionally, a SaaS company that is set to be the category leader in work design and source of truth for responsibilities in the USA, UK and Australia. Functionally empowers leaders to design and build the best places to work.

Tim has been a speaker for USA software company conferences for the last 7 years for Kaseya, GFI, Dropbox, Connectwise, HTG CEO peer-groups, and many more. He also has been on a number of podcasts and publications in the USA and Australia.

Tim Brewer has consulted to SaaS companies across his career, as a Venture Advisor, Angel Investor as well as a Growth and Scalability Strategist. He has seen the reasons SaaS companies break and has worked out effective antidotes to the common growth pains experienced by leaders.

“My personal life philosophy is to help those around me grow. I love helping people, organizations, and entrepreneurs, to have their mission reach its fullest reality.” Tim Brewer



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