Priyanka Rao

CEO Spark & Burnish Hardware

Priyanka Rao is a designer, serial entrepreneur and currently CEO of Spark & Burnish. Through her passion for scuba diving Priyanka witnessed the growing problem of Ocean Plastic and so she decided to find a way to work with this material in interior product design. She launched Spark & Burnish in 2018 with a cabinet hardware collection made from Ocean Plastic as a way of raising awareness of the material and raise funds for conservation of the Great Barrier Reef.

Priyanka completed a Bachelor of Design in Architecture, an MBA and has studied Executive Education courses at Harvard Business School. She lead commercial furniture manufacturer Luxmy Furniture for 7 years after a diverse career in Architecture and Recorded Music. In an effort to be one of Australia's most sustainable furniture manufacturers she was constantly looking for a solution to the problem of creating useful outputs from industrial waste, which still remains as a development project.

Priyanka believes business is a force for positive impact and that everyone appreciates and craves good design. She is currently part of The Impact Accelerator backed by Inco and Mirvac and her interest lies in how to find benefit and value in ocean plastic in order for other companies to easily use this new material in their product developments alongside industrial and household wastes.

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