Louise Edmonds

Founder Carbon Sync

Louise Edmonds is an entrepreneur in the space of Regenerative Agriculture, she founded her first business Intuit Earth in 2014 focussing on the manufacture of high quality compost for agricultural applications. She has composted in locations ranging from community gardens, feedlots, and industrial composting facilities with almost every composting method and technology. She was the first in Western Australia to produce a Certified Organic Compost from a domestic municipal feedstock (FOGO) which now boasts markets in every agricultural context and is used by some of the States top vineyards.

Louise is the leader of the Savory Hub in Western Australia.  Savory's mission is to regenerate 1 billion hectares of grasslands through the practice of Holistic Management. There are 40 Savory Hubs on every continent currently influencing the management of 9 million hectares since inception in 2015.

Louise is soon to launch her second business Carbon Sync. Carbon Sync's mission is to transform agricultural management practices in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia and in doing so arrest desertification, repopulate rural communities and practically demonstrate a scalable and profitable pathway to net zero emissions.


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