Lainey Weiser

Driver and MD, Just Start It

I was not born to learn.  Or so I thought when in year 12, and only scraping through school.  It's amazing when you look back on your early years, and realise learning comes in so many shapes and forms, and how if we are open, we can become lifelong learners.

I have done many things in my life.  Built many businesses.  But the one I'm proudest of is Just Start It. A 20-week High School, hands on project-based learning platform that creates real experience for all types of learners.  A platform that allows students to taste real life without boundaries.  

A platform where they can team up with other people with different skills to develop solutions that will not change the world but heal the world.  If we teach kids their power to make collective change now, we build a better more empowered future for those we leave behind.


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2nd to 8th December 2019

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