Julia Reisser

Chief Scientist, Seabin Project

Julia Reisser is an oceanographer with a PhD in Plastic Pollution. She is currently doing an MBA at the University of Western Australia to complement the skills she gained from more than 15 years of experience setting up, managing and leading projects for universities, start-ups and foundations, including the University of Western Australia, CSIRO, The Ocean Cleanup Foundation, Australian Institute of Marine Science and Minderoo Foundation.

Julia is now the Chief Scientist of the Seabin Group, an Australian start-up deploying a fleet of Seabin devices capable of removing floating debris, microplastics and surface pollutants from waterways, before these hit oceans. Her mission at the Seabin is to develop and scale the Pollution Index®: a multidimensional and scalable indicator that will use Citizen Science and Information Technology to track our progress towards a key Sustainable Development Goal target: ‘Cleaner Oceans by 2025’ (SDG 14.1).

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