Brian Innes

MD Starling Energy

A renewable energy, efficiency, and greenhouse gas specialist advisor and entrepreneur that has worked across the energy industry value chain. My experience spans most of the major energy-using industries from mining, metals, chemicals, industrials and right down to the household level through the Plico Energy Project, where I am the founder and MD of Starling Energy.

The Plico Energy Project which was recently launched in WA was born out of frustration that change was happening too slowly at the top level to impact climate change at the rate required. Plico Energy is initiating change at a household level and empowering people to take action now.

I have a passion for technology, business development and change for good and have had lead advisor roles in the development and execution of projects that include high renewable microgrids, virtual power plants, batteries on oil rigs, Hydrogen microgrids, bringing dynamics to electrowinning and a range of mining efficiency projects across conveyors, ventilation, milling, and haul truck fleets

My core skills lie in combing/facilitating engineering, technology, finance, and marketing into business proposals and business models that can get through the many hoops required for technology commercialization and project development in our sector.

My career project highlights include advising/developing/supporting:
- Agnew Gold Mine >50% Renewable energy fraction off-grid
- ATCO Jandakot hydrogen microgrid (CEIH)
- The Plico Energy WA VPP Project
- Element 25 - Intermittent Dynamic Electrowinning
- NWS - Offshore battery Deployment
- Zinclear - Invisible Zinc

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