Andrew Outhwaite

Adviser, Analyst and founder, focused on innovations that benefit our oceans

Andrew has fifteen years of international experience as both: a trusted adviser and analyst serving high-potential ventures, and entrepreneurial leader founding beneficial innovations. 

Oceans-related innovations are his focus and he recently authored “For Blue”, a report on opportunities for ventures and industries in the Indian Ocean. He has previously authored research on leadership, partnerships and sustainability. 

As a social entrepreneur, Andrew co-founded Meshpoints - a network of innovation hubs, Pollinators Inc - a nationally-recognised model for growing healthy communities, and CityHive: WA’s longest-running coworking space. 

As a facilitator, he designed the earliest iterations of programs including Catalyst pre-accelerator program, Spark Challenge for incubating homelessness social enterprises, and Goodness science and sustainability festival. 

All levels of government have engaged Andrew to lead analysis and strategy development on significant initiatives including growing startup incubators across Western Australia for the Federal Government, developing Regional Innovation Strategies for the State government, and Coastal, Biodiversity, Water and Climate strategies for local governments. 

Andrew volunteers extensively, including as a facilitator of leadership programs, and Director of non-profit community organisations including technology startup advocacy, community banking and alternative schooling. 

Recognition for his work includes through awards such as WA Regional Innovation and Leadership Award and an International Visitors Leadership Program scholarship, and invitations to present at state, national and international conferences. 

Andrew’s ethos is to enable wholly what we can not separately, and yet must do effectively, to benefit humanity. 


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